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As a business owner, you want legal professionals that you can trust and rely upon to support your business.

Dallas attorney Kelly Walling has the experience and integrity to work with you to identify the legal strategies that best support your business’s circumstances and needs. She is tenaciously driven to provide comprehensive corporate protection and growth for your business.

With personalized guidance, Kelly will help you reach company goals with business structuring and documents such as:

dallas attorney for business

The best time to plan your estate is now.  By creating a will and/or trust(s), you are ensuring your property will be distributed the way you want.  Business succession planning can be an important part of this.  If you have minor children, you are preventing a stranger who does not know you or your family from choosing who will raise your kids.  Other documents like powers of attorney and advance directives give you continued control of your person and finances when you no longer have the capacity to make decisions for yourself.

Kelly will listen and make sure all your estate planning needs are met, including documents such as the following:

guardianships for loved ones

Have a loved one that is incapacitated due to age, mental incapacity, or other disability?  Kelly will listen to you and help you choose a solution individualized to your loved one’s specific needs.  In the most severe situations, a guardianship may be appropriate.  In other situations, there are various solutions to use, including supported decision making, powers of attorney, special needs and other trusts, ABLE accounts, etc.

After a loved one passes away, I quickly and smoothly walk you through the process of wrapping up the estate.  I also represent you through all types of disputes surrounding estates, such as blended family, sibling and other family conflicts, removing executors or trustees, establishing chains of title to real estate interests held through generations by multiple family members, and other complex issues.

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Are you worried a conviction for a rash, spur-of-the-moment decision is going to ruin your bright future after being arrested?

Sometimes severe consequences are unavoidable. At times like these, justice is important and you need a lawyer on your side who recognizes injustice and knows how to fight to correct it. Caperton Walling Law Firm, PLLC, knows the boundaries for officers and prosecutors, will guide you to help, be on your team and fight for justice for you.

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Kelly Walling of Caperton Walling Law Firm, PLLC is a family law attorney and knows that divorce is one of the most difficult things children and adults will ever experience. It’s important to have a family lawyer on your side.

Ms. Walling listens to your concerns and wishes and then designs a strategy to get you moving forward into the future you want to see.