probate attorney


Probate is the legal process of wrapping up the estate of a deceased person. A probate attorney is helpful both in cases where there is a will and where there is not a will. At times, probate matters can be very complex.

Real Estate and Probate

When big tracts of real estate have been in a family for generations, a group of family members may end up each with partial ownership interests in the property.  When someone comes along and wants to buy all of the land, the potential buyer must have the permission of every single owner of the tract.  Kelly Walling, probate attorney, helps in locating these people, determining their interests, securing their agreement to sell, and making sure the sale is legally adequate, which is a complicated process. 

Probate Complexities and Disputes

Caperton Walling Law Firm, PLLC handles issues such as these and many others involved with the transfer of real estate and other complex probate situations.  The firm also handles probate disputes including but not limited to fights between family members and the removal of fiduciaries. 

Caperton Walling Law Firm, PLLC provides excellent representation for all types and levels of probate cases. Call today to get help with your case.