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Kelly Caperton Walling

Attorney at Law

Kelly Caperton Walling has practiced law, specifically serving as a divorce lawyer or family lawyer, a business lawyer including crisis management, and estate planning and probate lawyer since 1993. Prior to establishing Caperton Walling Law Firm, PLLC, Kelly was a partner with the Caperton Law Firm after being on the partnership track at both Kane, Russell, Coleman & Logan and DeHay & Elliston. She began her career at the Law Offices of Charles M. Bradshaw.

Kelly graduated from Texas Tech Law School in the top 15 percent after graduating Vanderbilt University in the top one percent, summa cum laude, with Bachelor of Arts degrees in English and Psychology. She is a member of the Texas Bar Association, Family Law Section of the State Bar, Denton County Bar Association, Tarrant County Bar Association, and the Family Law Section of the Tarrant County Bar Association. She has served on the Board of Directors for Justice for Children, a national non-profit, since 2015. Kelly has served as a Board member and General Counsel for the non-profit Flower Mound Women in Business.

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Caperton Walling Law Firm, PLLC

Finding solutions for families needing a divorce or family law attorney, helping with estate planning and settling estates, or guiding businesses needing help with crisis management, can be complicated and confusing. At Caperton Walling Law Firm, PLLC, Flower Mound area attorney Kelly Caperton Walling is committed to providing excellent, step-by-step guidance through all your divorce, family law, business law, probate and estate planning needs.

She ensures you have the resources to make the best decisions for your specific circumstances to protect your business or family and provide lasting peace of mind.

What My Clients are Saying

Adyana B.
“Kelly worked with with integrity, honesty, and professionalism and demonstrated good understanding and...
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Adyana B.
“Kelly worked with with integrity, honesty, and professionalism and demonstrated good understanding and strong experience in the environments in her practice area. Kelly was friendly and patient and communicated at my level at all times. She found the time to communicate to me, and provided a good explanation of events. I would highly recommend Kelly…
Adyana B.
Adyana B.
Laura R.
“Kelly Walling is an exceptional lawyer. She was always accessible, professional, and...
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Laura R.
“Kelly Walling is an exceptional lawyer. She was always accessible, professional, and knowledgeable. Kelly was extremely helpful in guiding my case through a stressful time. She has great communication skills and took time to explain what was going to happen. She treated me like family.”
Laura R.
Laura R.
Amie R.
“Kelly did an amazing job with my case. She was attentive, detailed,...
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Amie R.
“Kelly did an amazing job with my case. She was attentive, detailed, and on the ball. She always had my best interest in mind and made sure my well being was protected at all times. My case was difficult, but Kelly worked hard and diligently to get the job done to my advantage.”
Amie R.
Amie R.

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