A crisis can erupt in an instant, shattering your company’s reputation and disrupting operations. While your in-house or litigation lawyers are crucial for legal defense, consider this: a third-party lawyer-consultant specializing in crisis management can be your most valuable asset.

Here’s why a non-lawyer consultant or your litigation team might not be the optimal choice:

Beyond Legal Expertise

Crisis Communication Specialist
Crisis consultants understand the legal implications but prioritize crafting clear, empathetic messages tailored for various audiences (media, customers, investors). They navigate the media landscape effectively, minimizing reputational damage.

Proactive and Strategic
Non-lawyer consultants might lack the legal understanding to anticipate potential legal ramifications of communication strategies.

Litigation Focus
Litigation lawyers excel in courtroom battles, but crisis management requires a broader perspective beyond legal defense. They might be bogged down in legal proceedings when swift action is crucial.

Objectivity and Trust

Fresh Perspective
Litigation lawyers are deeply invested in the legal case. A lawyer-consultant brings objectivity, identifying potential communication pitfalls and crafting a broader crisis communication plan.

Attorney-Client Privilege
Crisis consultants operate outside the attorney-client privilege bubble, allowing for open communication with stakeholders (customers, media) without compromising legal strategy.

Building Bridges and Expertise

Stakeholder Engagement
Lawyer-consultants excel at strategizing communication for diverse stakeholders, rebuilding trust, and mitigating long-term damage.

Legal Nuance
Non-lawyer consultants might not possess the legal expertise to navigate the complex legal nuances that often intertwine with crisis situations.

Avoiding the Appearance you Think This Situation Is One that Justifies a Lawsuit against You
If you immediately bring in your litigation team, it tells the world you think the situation is one that justifies a lawsuit against you, that justifies an attack, and that you are expecting it. Hiring a lawyer third-party consultant not affiliated with your litigation team gives you the benefit of the legal background and experience without telling the world you are escalating your response to be so adversarial and are expecting an attack worthy of this defense.

The Winning Combination

Your trusted litigation team and a skilled lawyer-consultant are a powerful duo. They work in tandem – the lawyers focus on legal defense, while the consultant safeguards your reputation in the public eye.

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